Amish Country

Flory’s Cottages & Camping is surrounded by so many unique attractions in the heart of Amish Country. With so many memorable experiences for the whole family within easy travelling distance, it’s easy to see why Lancaster County draws visitors from all over the country… and at Flory’s, you’re only a short drive away.

Florys Camping - Buggy Rides

Buggy Rides

The unforgettable experience of an Amish buggy ride is available right outside our door. Tour the countryside the way it should be seen!
Florys Camping - Amish Village

Amish Village

Tour an authentic Amish farmhouse from the mid-1800s for an experience that will delight the family and give a glimpse into life on the farm from two centuries ago.
Florys Camping - Amish Crafts

Amish Crafts

There's really nothing quite like the legendary Amish craftsmanship. Meticulous, made with care, and virtually flawless, Amish crafts are the perfect souvenirs from your vacation!
Florys Camping - Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Markets

From fresh produce to freshly-made baked goods, some of the tastiest memories of your trip to Lancaster won't be at five-star restaurant, but at a humble market or roadside stand.