About Us

Flory’s Cottages & Camping is a gathering place for all our friends visiting Amish Country– a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the area and the company of good people. It’s a tradition of hosting that dates back several decades, and it’s a standard we hold ourselves to with every guest: that everyone deserves to feel welcome and right at home on their Lancaster vacation!

Florys Camping - Lou Korzniecki and his good friend Wally Loeb Playing
Florys Camping - Lou Korzniecki and his good friend Wally Loeb smiling

Yesterday and Today

Flory’s has been in the Korzniecki family since 1981, when Lou Korzniecki and his good friend Wally Loeb purchased the campground and reopened it with surprisingly quick success. Campers loved Wally’s gentle, friendly way and listening ear, just as much as they loved Lou’s outgoing, friends-from-the-moment-we-met demeanor. Together, they believed in “management by hosting”– running a campground meant more than making sure everything was clean, up to code, and on schedule. It meant everyone who came through the gate was a guest, and there was a responsibility that came with making sure they had a good time. That perspective resounded with campers in the early ’80s, and it still rings true for us today.

Ask any member of the Korzniecki family, or ask any of our guests… many of whom are practically family at this point. All of our efforts, from the amenities to the events, from the iconic goose outside to the warm welcome you’ll receive when you arrive, are centered purposely around making sure your stay with us is everything it should be. Like every family, we have our traditions. And first among them is a mission to roll out the red carpet for all of our visitors, so that “Check-In” and “Check-out” becomes “Glad to have ya!” and “Come back soon!” Lou and Wally wouldn’t have it any other way, and frankly, neither would our guests!